WHAT IS Bodyface


Bodyface is an alternative rock trio from New York City who “…write good songs, turn everything up loud, and play like holy hell…and man do they do it well…” (Babysue.com).

“…high-octane rockers Bodyface…need to occupy some space in your iPod…Bodyface’s in-your-face approach works…” (In Tune (JS) – McKeesport Daily Times)

Bodyface formed in 2008 with Roger Asmar on drums and Jared Kerr on vocals and guitar after the two met and Kerr, who had previously been working drums and vocals with two former bandmates, made the switch to front man. Matt Muerte joined the pair on bass in 2011 after meeting Asmar and Kerr at the Music Building in Manhattan where Bodyface and Muerte’s Industrial Metal band, Onpoint, both practice.



Vocals, Guitar / Jared Kerr
Bass / Matt Muerte
Drums / Roger Asmar



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